Air Canada itinerary

Saturday, June 2 - 1:40 PM Hawaiian Air—HA216 to Maui

JAE Hawaiian Miles – 344140768

TC Hawaiian Miles – 345288472

Use the Hawaiian Miles number to reduce baggage fees by US$15 per bag.


Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach
175 Paoakalani Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815

Confirmation #66594675

Check-in: May 28 at 3:00 PM
Check-out: June 2 at 11:00 AM

Budget Car Rental


The red "X" in this image marks the shuttle to the car rentals. Ensure you are at the Budget pickup point.

I included a note on the rental stating that a clean, odor-free car is needed due to allergies. Do not accept a crappy car. If they try giving you something with more than, say, 6,000 miles on it, go back to the office and complain about the smell.

Your rental is for a compact Ford Focus or similar. (Ford Fiesta is a smaller Economy car.) If you want, let them know you are aware they are low on compacts and have a surfeit of Jeep Wrangler 2Dr Softops. Offer to swap for a Jeep as long as you do not have to pay extra. (On May 27th, a Jeep 2Dr would cost $281.54 to rent. A Focus would cost $426.00, so swapping is doing them a favour.)

Contact me Thursday to check on your insurance. I will add back collision, which will cost $50 as it will be cancelled in two months, and ensure SEF27 is on your policy. With SEF27 – rental vehicle coverage – you will not need the "all-inclusive" rip–off insurance Budget will try to sell you.

Airport – Costco – Condo

Condo Location
3950 Kalai Waa Street
Kihei, HI 96753
Google Map

Turn right on Lanui Circle, which turns into Keolani Pl, when leaving the airport. It's not far to the five-way intersection shown here.

  1. Turn left to go to Costco.
  2. Go straight on Dairy Rd. to go to the condo.
  3. Turn right to get lost.

Kalai Waa Street is the first left after you make a 90 degree turn at the end of Highway 31. As shown on this map, Unit D202 is in the second building fronting the golf course. Parking is assigned and is in front of the unit. Use – I think – D5 or D8, which is about the third one in from the curb and should have a small sidewalk post on the passenger side.

Hot Water

There is an electric panel on the wall to the left of the kitchen window. One of the breakers, possibly #13, may be in the OFF position. Turn it on to start the hot water heater.

No water pressure?

Click here if you turn on a tap and little or no water comes out!

Internet, TV and Telephone

Electricity is expensive on Maui. For this reason, ensure the Internet modem, phones and hot water heater are off when you leave.

There should be an instruction sheet above the television or on the bookshelves at the back of the cabinet that provides information about passwords, etc.

The Internet modem should be unplugged when you arrive. The plug is on the right of the sofa near the second washroom. You may have to phone Richard at 780-487-5801 if you cannot locate the WIFI password.

There are a couple of remotes. One is for the television. The other will be for the receiver/speakers. You should not have to fiddle with the SOURCE setting on the TV remote. The Netflix username and password should be pre-programmed. Use user D202, which is part of my account.

The phone in the condo is local to Edmonton – (587)4875874. You will have to charge a handset. Outgoing calls to Canada and the US, including to your cell phone, are only $0.005 per minute. Incoming calls are free. I will be topping up the account when it gets low.


The BBQ and the propane, which should be in a plastic container, are on the lanai. Propane cannot be stored in the unit.

BBQ Manual